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The most technically advanced controlled-release fertilizer of its kind, Osmocote's resin-coated nutrient core delivers vital nutrients at precisely the right time during the growing cycle. The result? A more efficient program that lowers costs and grows the best plants. Find Your Solution Premium products Explore our time-tested technology → Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Flower & Vegetable Fertilizer is a must-have for vegetable gardeners and ideal for perennials as it promotes vigorous top-growth and strong root development. This plant food is also formulated for flavorful vegetables and colorful blooms, and it feeds up to 4 full months, which saves you time and effort.

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BioAdvanced 12 Month Protect and Feed 10-lb Tree Food. Dr. Earth Home Grown 4-lb Organic Natural Vegetable Food. Osmocote Smart-Release Plus Outdoor and Indoor 8-lb All-purpose Food. Espoma Holly-tone 8-lb Organic Natural Tree Food. BioAdvanced 12 Month Protect and Feed 32-fl oz Tree Food. Osmocote fertilizer is an expensive artificial fertilizer. Gardeners use it to make bedding flowers, vegetables, and other plants healthy. It also helps the plants to grow fast. In appearance, it looks like tiny balls covered with a shell coated by nutrients. Osmocote Classic is formulated with an NPK of 19-6-12.

Iron, magnesium, and sulphur will be more important for shrubs like azaleas. Weed Prevention Some plant food options are also designed to help prevent weeds. If you haven't found a solution that. Osmocote is a controlled-release fertilizer. It is a slow-release fertilizer that releases nutrients gradually into the soil. The slow-release formula makes it safe and effective for organic farming. Aside from being biodegradable, it is also biodegradable, which means you can use it safely.

Osmocote Controlled Release Fertiliser Fruit Citrus Trees Shrubs

Fannin Tree Farm highly recommends using Osmocote Flower and Vegetable on all your trees twice a year in April and August. It is a pelletized slow-release fertilizer that releases its nutrients over several months. It will not burn plants or trees and only requires two fertilizations per year. Osmocote is a popular houseplant and garden fertilizer that works in tandem with the plant's natural growth cycle. Since Osmocote is relatively expensive when compared with regular organic fertilizer, gardeners usually reserve its use for only their most prized bedding flowers, vegetables, houseplants, or other container-grown plants.

For potted plants, the suggested amount of Osmocote to use on an 8-inch pot is 1 teaspoon for indoor plants and 2 teaspoons for outdoor plants. With bigger pots, the amount will vary depending on the size. Hanging baskets measuring 10 inches in diameter will need 2 teaspoons for indoor plants and 1 1/3 tablespoons for outdoor plants. Yes, Osmocote is a fertilizer made by Scotts Miracle-Gro. It can be used to fertilize plants and grass in the garden, such as flower beds, borders, vegetable and herb gardens, trees, and shrubs. It is an easy to use slow-release fertilizer that works over a period of weeks. It decomposes slowly, releasing vital nutrients such as nitrogen.

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Best for indoor plants: Osmocote Indoor Outdoor Organic Plant Food, $9.98 on Amazon Unless you have decided to specialize in orchids or cacti, which can be super picky, Osmocote Indoor Outdoor Organic Plant Food will make houseplants from ferns to fittonia healthy and lush. Osmocote is a brand of controlled-release fertilizer that is often used by gardeners and horticulturists. The fertilizer is available in granular form, and is applied to the soil around plants. Osmocote is designed to release nutrients over a period of time, typically two to three months.

Osmocote offers multiple product choices to cover the gamut of plant fertilization needs. It is less likely to cause fertilizer burn than most other products. Osmocote is a versatile plant food offering multiple applications. It supplies nutrition for everything from indoor plants to outdoor crops. Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Plus Outdoor & Indoor, 8 lb. 22,888 $34.99 Lowest Pricein this set of products Garden Safe Take Root Rooting Hormone, Promotes Rooting, Grow New Plants From Cuttings, 2 Ounce 30,482 $5.68 Most purchasedin this set of products Miracle-Gro Liquid All Purpose Plant Food Concentrate 32 Oz. 7,238 $7.97

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Osmocote is an all-purpose controlled-release fertilizer that can be used for a wide variety of plants, including annuals, perennials, vegetables, trees, and shrubs. It provides a steady release of nutrients over a period of up to six months, ensuring that plants receive the nutrition they need in order to flourish. Shop Osmocote Smart-Release Plus Outdoor and Indoor 8-lb All-purpose Food in the Plant Food department at Lowe's.com. Feed indoor and outdoor potted plants for up to a full 6 months with Osmocote smart-release plant food plus outdoor & indoor. This is our best formula, and it