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Are you planning about to switch to a low-cost cell phone carrier, but don’t you know which one to pick? MetroPCS is a good cell phone carrier with a good budget, it is a T-Mobile prepaid subsidiary offering plans and add-ons that provide you with flexibility and a predictable monthly bill. It was operated on the nationwide T-Mobile network (formerly MetroPCS) by 24/7 customer service. Whether you’ve got a MetroPCS iPhone or any type of smartphone, you’ll benefit from the broad accessibility and fast speeds which are provided by each of the MetroPCS prepaid plans. Serving comprehensive alternatives at competitive rates, T-Mobile Metro is one of our top cell phone plans. Let’s find out every feature of the MetroPCS Review in the coming sections. 

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Metro by T-Mobile Review Everything You Need to Know!

Have a look at the MetroPCS Review by Plans and pricing, Network and Reliability, Customer Service, Phone Selection and Upgrades here. Check it out the Metro Phone Review and choose MetroPCS as your great budget phone for your business and personal use. If you would like to know more about MetroPCS Phone Reviews from our website.

Plans and pricing


Metro by T-Mobile, without annual agreements, provides several plans and add-on services. MetroPCS provides four plans, a restricted but still adequate selection. We especially like its $40 plan with 4 G LTE 5 GB, unlimited speak and text, unlimited streaming of music. a mobile hotspot and extra line discounts. MetroPCS is the cell phone provider with the greatest budget. If you live in a covered region of T-Mobile and want to save cash on your mobile phone bill, we strongly suggest that you check out MetroPCS. In its unlimited data plans, Metro really shines. 


When businesses are in fact pricing straight up. T-Mobile already includes taxes and regulatory charges in the rates you see with Metro. Because Metro is a subsidiary of T-Mobile, we would expect nothing less. Is there anything nice about MetroPCS? It’s for customers who need a budget cell plan in metropolitan regions. Yes, the advertised cost includes all charges and taxes. That’s the sort of transparency clients enjoy. 

Network and Reliability

Where the metropolitan coverage of Metro really stands out, where they depend on the network of T-Mobile. Metro hops for high speeds and coverage on the T-Mobile network, most of the time. When it comes to speed, T-Mobile’s network still receives excellent results consistently. Although users of MetroPCS are subject to data privileges, T-Mobile prioritizes its immediate clients when the network is busy. 

Customer Service

If there is one area in which MetroPCS is still struggling, it deals with customer service issues. The unfortunate reality is that wireless suppliers are known for bad service to their customers, and there’s no exception to Metro. Many customers complained at the store and over the phone about lackluster service. You can Contact Metro by phone at 888-863-8768. 

Phone Selection and Upgrades

Most prepaid cell phone companies do not give recent and largest range of devices. That’s why the phones Metro had to give were pleasantly amazed to us. The struggles of ZTE in the United States have robbed Metro of some of its more attractive exclusives but the firm claims the choice of telephones will enhance as T-Mobile relaunches like Metro. Let’s check out the MetroPCS phones offered. 

  • Apple – iPhone 6s, iPhone 8, iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, iPhone 8 Plus, etc.
  • Samsung – Samsung Galaxy S10e, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Samsung Galaxy J7 Star, Samsung Galaxy A6, etc.
  • Others – Moto G Power, LGQ7 Plus, LG Stylo, Alcatel 1X Evolve, ZTE Avid 4, Alcatel GoFlip, Coolpad Defiant, Coolpad Legacy, etc.

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