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MetroPCS Payment can be made through online/offline. Login to MetroPCS account / make your MetroPCS payments online on time with Metro by T-Mobile Phone Number. There are many online websites where customers can make Metro payment online free withoutlogin. Customers can also pay their MetroPCS bill amount with a simple sign in, by phone, or through Metro PCS pay bill customer service.

 Here, users can find and explore different payment options by MetroPCS for its customers resident in the United States. Those who are new to MetroPCS, please note that MetroPCS which is now known as Metro by T-Mobile was established in 1994 as Wireless, Inc., by Roger Linquist & now its a prepaid wireless carrier brand owned by T-Mobile US as a fifth largest mobile telecommunication network in Country.

How to Pay Bill & Learn MetroPCS Payment Options

In the coming few passages, readers can know the valuable payment options by Metro PCS. You will also find how to do the payments for MetroPCS with login & by visiting online portal known as

Payment without Login:

  1. If you’re interested to make your MetroPCS bill payment without login, open your web browser and visit the website link
  2. Here, after the page load, enter your Metro by the T-Mobile Phone Number in given place and again enter the same Metro by T-Mobile Phone Number at the second place for confirmation.
  3. Now click the button Next to jump next step. Here you need to provide the amount you need to pay. Enter amount and do “Next” for the next level. Finally, pay & confirm your payment. That’s all.

Payment with Metro PCS Login:

  1. Customers can also make MetroPCS payment merely signing into the account. Visit the MetroPCS Login Page at
  2. Once the page is load, enter Metro by T-Mobile Phone number and Account PIN in relevant places. Please note that Account PIN is eight digits code used when you are calling MetroPCS Customer Service / making changes in the store. Or else you can also answer security question.
  3. In case user do not remember your Account PIN, click Forgot Account PIN? link. You will see a popup appears in front of you. Here you need to provide text code appears in front of you into the given field and “Continue” for next step. Now you can recover your Account PIN. Remember to provide the valid Metro by T-Mobile MDN or phone number.
  4. Once you are done with your login credentials, hit the “Log In” button and navigate to payment section.
  5. In the payment section, enter amount and confirm that you want to pay the money. You can also set it on Metro PCS auto pay using your checking account.
  6. If Metropcs payment is not working, you can contact MetroPCS phone number by calling the 1 (888) 863-8768. Dial this number from your telephone / mobile and complaint the issue to customer support.

24 Hour Metro Payment Machine

You, as a Metro customer can visit metropcs payment center to make your payments using payment machine available on the customer’s desk. Here, user can pay your dues in full 24 by 7.

MetroPCS Payment by Phone

Although Metro offers customer support via their website at, customers can also contact the Metro PCS through phone at (888) 863-8768 to pay their bills.

MetroPCS payments option Details:

The following data shows the details of the payment methods in different modes of metropcs payment online free. User can check out for the most convenient method & select best for you.

  • My account : log in to the My Account through website or mobile app to make the MetroPCS payment with the debit or credit card. It must be note that any type of card including the MasterCard, Visa and American Express are acceptable.
  • Express Pay : you can make the quick and one time payment anytime.
  • MyMetro : you can use MyMetro mobile application to make the monthly Metro payment machine.  You can save the login details of you credit/ debit card for future assistance as well.
  • Phone : user can dial *99 from a MetroPCS phone number or dial 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768) from the non-MetroPCS phone number. A MetroPCS number a number registered in the MetroPCS database. It is linked to aby account the MetroPCS.
  • In Store: you can make in person payments of your monthly Metro bill. Find a local metropcs make the payment online booth or store for this purpose.
  • Mail: User can mail you monthly MetroPCS bill amount to following address

Metropcs payment Mobile number

The MetroPCS accounts have monthly activation setting. The accounts are activated if monthly bill of the respective account is cleared. The  next payment of the Metro account options will be sent a month later. All MetroPCS accounts linke through a family plan will have same due date for the convenience.

The MetroPCS servers send thr monthly text messages to your MetroPCS phone number about next month’s payment amount and the due date. This information is also available on your  Metro My Account.Users can check the Account balance through various methods. These methods are mentioned below so you can have a look at these.

  • My Account
  • Text Balance to your MetroPCS number
  • MyMetro mobile application
  • Monthly text message reminder
  • Dial *611 on your MetroPCS number

Declined MetroPCS payment Plan Requests

There are several reasons which is led to decline of your metro pcs pay the bill customer service. The customers can refer to following reasons if their request has been declined.

  • Exceeding limits of credit card / insufficient funds
  • Detection of duplicate payment requests
  • Invalid credentials provided for example credit or debit card number, billing address, ZIP or security code, account first/last name or expiry.
  • Detection of multiple payment requests

MetroPCS customer service

In case of a declined Metro payment request, customers are encouraged to contact MetroPCS customer service center at 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768) / visit the local MetroPCS store to get the help in the Metro payment procedure. It must be said that if a payment request is declined, no further transactions are carried out & the bank account linkes is safe. Users may also contact your bank to know duration of the linkage of Metro to your account.

The account login details provided are only used if MetroPCS payment request is accepted. The text message received after decline of the payment request is a proof that has no transaction has occurred & no amount is withdrawn from your account.

How to pay MetroPCS bill online Metro Family plan payout

Here is the brief guide to make a Metro payment process. You can follow these steps to make the Metro payment. MetroPCS has introduced the several convenient ways to make MetroPCS payments both online and offline. User can make the MetroPCS payment, you need to log in to your MetroPCS account & carryout the payment. You can use the MetroPCS ph number as well which is (888) 863-8768.

  1. Login to your MetroPCS account.
  2. Enter to land on official website.
  3. Click “MyAccount” at top of the page.
  4. Enter the username & password on this page and then continue by pressing “Login”.
  5. Now you can make the payment on this page. Follow instruction on the screen to complete step by step.

MetroPCS bill payment options | customer service

The Metro payment modes can be processed online & offline. Here you can find service charges for each of services. You can compare these modes here & select the best mode for you.

Online modes:

  • MyAccount using the debit or credit card > free service.
  • Express pay using debit or a credit card > free service.
  • Metro payment card > free services

Offline modes:

  • Dial *99 from the MetroPCS phone number > $2 service charges.
  • Call customer service at the center  at 1-888-metro8 from a non-MetroPCS number > $3.00 service charges.

Coustmenrs may also call at *611 from you MetroPCS phone number and access the Metro payment machine anytime. These machines are at the work for 24 hours & therefore, you can use it to make payments anytime.

MetroPCS payment over phone

We have separated payment modes over phone here and mentioned the service charges of these modes here for the better understanding. You an make Metro payment using the automated phone payment system any time. User must have your MetroPCS customer ID and the MetroPCS account PIN to process payment. Don’t know your MetroPCS customer ID?

The MetroPCS customer can be found at top-right corner of your MetroPCS payment bill, just below your MetroPCS account number. This service at free of cost. The customer service number to carry out the transaction is 1-855-548-2896.

  • Autopay > Allows an automatic payment of the MetroPCS monthly bill from linked bank account. It accesses bank account linked to the credentials attached to your eWallet & created and managed from your MetroPCS customer account > free service.
  • Online payment > Express Pay uses bank account linked to the credentials provided and withdraws the required amount through the debit or credit card. It is a quick & onetime payment process > free service.
  • *99 >  dial *99 from a MetroPCS mobile number & follow the guidelines to mak payment > $2 service charges.
  • 1-888-8metro8 > call at the customer service number from the non-MetroPCS number and follow the guidelines to carry out the MetroPCS payment > $3 service charges.
  • MyMetro mobile application > maintain & manage your MetroPCS account from MyMetro mobile application > free service.
  • person payment > users can make on counter payment of MetroPCS bills at the MetroPCS stores and authorized dealers > $3 service charges.
  • MetroPCS payment machine: These machines, available at the corporate MetroPCS shops can be used to make the MetroPCS payments  > $3 service charges.
  • MetroPCS store drop box > users can make payment via the MetroPCS drop box in the MetroPCS stores. > free service.
  • Mail > you can mail requires amount to MetroPCS Wireless Inc., PO Box No. 5119, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119 with MetroPCS customer account number on check > free service.


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