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Have you heard about the recent changes made for Metro PCS Insurance? Lots of T-Mobile subscribers will ask Is MetroPCS Insurance Worth It? T know the answers for these questions, users can have a glance look over here. Here is a good advantage for the Metro PCS users Metro by T-Mobile offering the Premium Handset Protection which is applicable for the device liquid damage, loss, theft, physical damage, mechanical or electrical breakdown after the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired. Effective 1st July 2019 (with the exception of NY, NJ and CT states) your device protection program will have a new provider. Know how to file, track or cancel a MetroPCS Insurance Claim in the remaining sections. Visit to get latest updates on Metro PCS Insurance.

MetroPCS Insurance Claim | How to File or Track Your Metro Claim

It is extremely frustrating to lose or break your smartphone. File a claim online at any time for quick and easy replacement. You will receive a replacement device in most cases as soon as in the next business day. Mobile device protection is important if one of these unfortunate fates were to be met by your phone. Asurion makes it simple to get your hands on a fresh phone if your phone is lost, robbed, or damaged. As a matter of reality, Asurion is sending an amazing 96% of substitute appliances the very next day.

File Claim Online

  • You will need to provide a description of what happened, a billing and shipping address, and a process of payment for the deductible to your carrier, your device make and model.
  • Obtain an email with shipping and monitoring data for your substitute device after you have submitted your device claim.

Track Claim

  • You can check your claim online once you have filed a claim. 24 Hours a day — because it’s good to know the wheels are turning and your substitute phone is on its manner.

You may need to know a few details:

  • Depending on your carrier, claims must be recorded within 60 or 90 days of the date of loss
  • Secondly, you will be required to return your damaged device with the prepaid shipping label that comes with the replacement when you receive your replacement device.

Cancel Claim

  • Now, let’s say you’re reporting a lost phone and then between the couch cushions, oops, there’s it.
  • You can cancel your claim by contacting Asurion with your claim ID or the device-related wireless number.
  • The cancelation of a claim depends on the terms of the policy you bought.
  • Please check the specifics of your policy terms and conditions.

New MetroGUARD Charges | MetroPCS Insurance Deductible

As of July 13, T-Mobile will make adjustments to its telephone insurance scheme. MetroGUARD is going to undergo a rebranding and price shift. MetroGUARD will no longer be from 13 July. And it was substituted by PHP (Premium Handset Protection), which provides the same protection against harm, loss, robbery and out – of-guarantee failures. If you are an existing customer of MetroGUARD, modifications will occur automatically. 

Full pricing changes for metropcs insurance tiers are as follows:

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.46.28

Premium Handset Protection | Metro PCS Additional Services

Like home or auto insurance, a deductible will be included in your device protection plan. To pay your deductible in-store visit your nearest Metro by T-Mobile dealer. Premium Handset Protection Program is comprehensive mobile device protection. Your device recovered against theft, mechanical or electrical breakdown, physical damage, loss, liquid damage only after the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired.

How it Works

  • You can only add the Premium Handset Protection Program within seven days of the activation or upgrade date.
  • If you are interested to choose not to enroll today online then call Customer Care (or)
  • Visit a retail store to adding Premium Handset Protection program within seven days.
  • Premium Handset Protection is only applicable to new MetroPCS devices.
  • As per the new plan reactivated MetroPCS devices and BYOD are not eligible for the Premium Handset Protection Program.
  • Visit to search for a deductible, submit a claim, monitor a claim and review FAQs.

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