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Hello Users! Are you using Metro Phones and do you want to know how to pay Metro Bill? If yes, then have the look at this full article to get all the particulars on MetroPCS Bill Pay. Metro makes Metro Phone payments easy in both online and offline. To pay your Metro Phone Bill, you have to enter some necessary details like phone number, account number, etc. Different Metro Pay Bill options are mentioned clearly on this page. Customer can check this complete article to know how to make MetroPCS Bill Pay through online & offline process. Go through the full report of this page to know the more information about MetroPCS Bill Pay. On the other hand, Customers can also visit the official website of Metro to know more details.

MetroPCS Bill Payment system is in the circular method. That means you have to pay your Metro Bill every month. For this reason, Metro offers multiple options to pay their customers bill like online, via mail, by phone, by the directly visiting the store and many more. People can spend their Metro bills online & offline anytime in services hours. For the sake of the applicants who are interested in paying their bills online, Metro provides a mobile app, Metro official website, set auto-payment system. But to make a Metro online bill payment, you should have a Metro My Account. Go through this web page to know more details about Metro Payment. Bookmark our site for latest updates.

MetroPCS Bill Payment | Terms & Conditions

Metro Payment can be made through online, offline, over the phone, webpage & by mail. Applicants can also set up automatic payment option in your Metro MyAccount by linking to the users bank. Once the bill time is reached, from your account, money will be reduced automatically. But in users bank account need to have sufficient money in your account. MetroPCS Bill Payments are non-refundable. Metro will give you a confirmation number once your bill is paid. This number will help you throughout the bill payment process. Readers can also pay your Metro bill in advance to avoid the penalty for the late payment. If you have already paid your Metro bill, Metro has not contacted you with payment notifications and alerts. On this page, know about Metro Phone Bill Payment, Metro Payment Options, Declined Metro Payment and their reasons.

Users can get different ways to pay their Metro bill. Generally, you can pay your Metro bill through online & offline. But in these two options, there are many ways to make Metro Payment process. Go through all means to know about the everything & then select any one way which is easy for you to make payment. In this article, you can remember both Metro online and offline payments. Nowadays many techniques are available to pay Metro Bill. People can pay amount for the multiple months at a time. Your Metro my account balance will show a credit until to make another payment. People who are intended to know more info about Metro Payment can follow our website You can also bookmark our for more latest updates regarding Metro.

Online / Offline MetroPCS Bill Payment Process| Different Ways to Pay Metro Bill

Are you a Metro Phone User? Are you tired of reminders from Metro about your phone bill payments? Then at this article is for you. Read this blog till last to get rid of all these notifications & reminders. On this article, readers can know complete information about Metro Payment. You can pay the Metro phone bill through online and offline also. Check below sections for full information about Metro Online & Offline Payments. Choose any one of the most following payment methods to complete the transaction.

Metro Online Payment Method:

If you believes online services, then do not worry. You can do your MetroPCS Bill Payment through the online in different ways. Check the following details to know more about how to pay MetroPCS Bill Payment through the online services. Here we have provided different online methods to complete the your MetroPCS Bill Payment process. Choose any one of online methods which are easy and comfortable for you to make your Metro Payment process.

MetroPCS Payment By App:

Interested users can use MyMetro app in your mobile phone for Metro Payments using a debit card or credit card. Applicants can download & install the MyMetro app directly from the Google Play Store on your Android device. Users can also download this MyMetro app from if you are using an iPhone. Download this MyMetro application & follow the instructions which show on your screen to complete MetroPCS Bill Payment Method.

Auto Pay:

Auto Pay is also an online method. Set up an automatic debit / credit cards payment that is automatically deducted five days before the payment due on every month. The autopay feature can be activated by using the Metro MyAccount app online at User can also be set up over the phone or at select authorized dealer locations.

Metro MyAccount:

This Metro MyAccount helps you to make MetroPCS Bill Payment by using both credit card and debit card. You have to sign in to your Metro MyAccount in your PC / mobile phone, or through an app, etc. by using user your login credentials. Coustmers can also save your credit card & debit card information on your account to complete your transactions faster.

Express Pay

Metro phone bill payments can be made online through their Express Pay option. Just visit the website and click on Manage & Pay tab on the top of the page. Users can use the express mode to pay your Metro Bill. Additionally, users can login into your Metro PCS Customer Account to make the MetroPCS Bill Pay. Login and continue. This Express Pay option is one-time online payment method.

eWallet – No Charge

An eWallet account in Metro App is a secure electronic wallet to pay the your bills. Credit or debit cards and funds can manage from the eWallet Account. These details can be used for pay your Metro Bill online. The eWallet account from Metro MyAccount can also be used to add the funds to your MetroConnect account. Through these funds, users can buy apps, ringtones, & more. To sign up for the eWallet account, visit and select MyAccount option on the top. Once you sign up for Metro MyAccount, users can easily create your secure eWallet account.

Text to Pay – No Charge

This text to pay is another alternative method, comfortable, and secure online way to pay your MetroPCS Bill Pay. Add the debit or credit card details to your Metro eWallet service, & merely respond to a text from PayNow with number 729669 to pay.

Phone Through Automated System Process

This type of MetroPCS Bill Pay is called over the phone methods. Metro Phone Payments can be made by dialing *99 from the registered Metro phone or calling to the customer service at 1-888-863-8768. There is a $2 convenience fee to pay the Metro bill over the Phone.

Metro Offline Payment Process

If you are the person who did not believe online method, then do not worry. Users can also make your MetroPCS Bill Pay in the Offline also in different ways. Check following information to know more details about how to pay MetroPCS Bill Payment through the offline methods. Choose any one of the following offline process which are easy and comfortable for you to make your MetroPCS Bill Payment.

Payment Machine

MetroPCS Bill Payments can be made through cash, debit or credit cards at an authorized by the payment machine. There are so many authorized payments machines that are available at the corporate Metro PCS stores. But here to pay your Metro bill you need to enter your phone number and PIN. These machines are not available at all the Metro PCS store locations. This Payment Machine is also known as in-person payment method.

Over the Counter

The Over the Counter process is a person payment option. Here MetroPCS Bill Payments can be made with cash, debit card or credit card at an authorized Metro payment center. If you pay the Metro bill at a store “over the counter” the $3.00 Convenience Fee is added to your bill.

Automated Phone Service:

This type of MetroPCS Bill Pay method is called over phone methods. Metro Phone Payments can be made by dialing *99 from registered Metro phone or calling to the customer care at 1-888-863-8768. There is a $2.00 convenience fees to pay the Metro bill over the Phone.

Phone to the Customer Service:

People can make the call to customer service at 1-888-8metro8. Talk to customer care agent to make your Metro Payments. Users need to give some necessary details to them to complete MetroPCS Bill Pay.

MetroPCS Bill Payment Stores:

People who want to pay Metro Phone Bill can visit the following Metro stores.

  • Metro Store
  • The Metro Store drop box
  • Metro Store payment machine
  • Authorized Payment Center

Steps To Do MetroPCS Payment – MetroPCS Bill Pay Options

People can make a Metro Payment on the MetroPCS official website. But you should have your Metro registered mobile number and sufficient money from your bank account. To open metropcs official page, you just need to enter in your browsers URL.

  • Firstly, open MetroPCS homepage i.e,
  • Now click on Menu tab on top of the page.
  • Here Shop, Support, & Payment options are available.
  • Now, click on Payment option then you will navigate to the page where you can make the payment.
  • Enter user MetroPCS registered Phone number and confirm that.
  • Then, have to enter your debit card or credit card details & click on confirm.
  • Finally, users MetroPCS Bill Pay process is completed.

MetroPCS Payment Process

Check below given in the table to clearly understand different ways and their details to make MetroPCS Bill Pay. Choose any of following method which is correct for you to make an easy payment.

Payment Method How To Pay
My Account Log in to MetroPCS MyAccount to pay with any type of credit or debit card (MasterCard, American Express, Visa)
Express Pay you can easily make one-time payments whenever you like to.
myMetro Use this smartphone app to save time and pay with a credit card or debit card.
Phone Dial to *99 from a MetroPCS phone or 1-888-8metro from a non-MetroPCS phone.
In the Store Find a metropcs payment center where user can pay in person.
Mail MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
PO Box 5119
Carol Stream,

Metro Bill Payment Details | Declined MetroPCS Bill Pay

Metro Payments can reject on some times. Even though credit card & debit cards will place a hold on user account because the transaction attempted. If you received any notification that your Metro Payment was declined, then Metro has not withdrawn bill funds from user account. Then, user have to speak with your bank / credit card company about how long the hold will remain on your account.

MetroPCS MyAccount Information:

All MetroPCS payments work every month. Your Metro Account will work from the day your service starts & ends after one month. The next metro payment due date will send a month after the service starts. All phone lines on the family plan due date will be on same date. Metro will send a text message to your registered phone number monthly in which you can get the details about how much your next payment will be & when it is due date. User can also get all these details by signing in to or login up for Metro MyAccount. There are several ways to check the Metro account balance. Those ways are mentioned below. Check out.

  • Your Account
  • By texting “Balance” to your Mobile number
  • Use MyMetro smartphone app
  • Monthly text message reminder to your phone
  • By dialing *611 on your MetroPCS phone

Different MetroPCS Pay Modes | Metro Payment Transaction Fees

When you are in the MetroPCS Family Plans, each line of your family member gets their own Metro account login. Each of the family member can log in to their accounts & securely save payment information without other family members seeing their payment history.Aa single payment can be made for all the lines. If you want user can pay for each line individually also. To keep the phone services active to all phone lines, all lines of the Metro Family Plan must be paid by the before due date. If one line of the family plan is not to be paid, entire family account will lose service until MetroPCS Bill payment is received.

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