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Art of the Spirits Distillery. 3372 Adobe Court Suite 110, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907, United States. (719) 365 - 6500. Art of the Spirits Whiskey Cask Strength "The Originals" Bourbon Whiskey is matured 3.5 years old in a new 30 gallon American oak barrel followed by a 4 month beauty rest in a 12 year old rum cask. This limited-edition release showcases world renowned Artist, David Uhl, and his oil painting which was inspired by the history of "The Originals". The result is a perfectly balanced yet.

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Art of the Spirits is a Colorado whiskey, but it is so much more than just that. It becomes an experience with every release—the fantastic blends contained within the bottle and the beautiful artistry on the label itself. The most recent release, "The Final Run," based on real-life criminals Bonnie and Clyde, is no exception.. Single barrel and cask strength are hot in the whiskey world. So hot right now. Art of the Spirits does a great job creating a release that stands out from the crowd, both with the juice in the bottle and the great work on the label. As mentioned before, this bottle is only available at Total Beverage in either Thornton or Westminster.

Get Art of the Spirits Frogman Bourbon delivered to your door. Art of the Spirits Cask Strength Frogman Bourbon Whiskey showcases world-renowned Artist, David Uhl and his oil painting that was inspired by the legendary history of the Navy SEALS. Aged in new charred American oak barrel. 6 years old. Art of the Spirits Whiskey (1) Price. -. Availability. In stock (0) Out of stock (1) Sold Out. Art of the Spirits Cask Strength "Frogman" Bourbon. $2.00.

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Richard Paul, the Founder of Art of the Spirits Distillery, is a native of Denver, Colorado. Since 2014, Richard has put his knowledge, ingenuity, skill, and passion into creating and developing a unique whiskey brand that does not mass produce each release. For a whiskey to be considered bourbon, the mash must be made of 51% corn and be made in the United States. It tends to have notes of vanilla, caramel, and honey, making it smooth and sweet. It is often served neat, on the rocks, or in a variety of cocktails. View all products by Art of Spirits California Residents: Click here for Proposition.

Colorado- Art of the Spirits Cask Strength "The Originals" Bourbon Whiskey showcases world renowned Artist, David Uhl, and his oil painting that which was inspired by the history of "The Originals" 10th Special Forces Group. Each case sold, we donate $6 to help a CO Veteran in need. Select a row below to filter reviews. In his latest blog post, Colonel Steve reviews Easy Elegance Cask Strength from Art of the Spirits (Denver, CO).. Additionally, he takes the concept of pairing whiskey and art a step further by giving away his own artistic creations to those that buy his product. With each release he gives away a $3,000 barrel display and a $500 whiskey.

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The Art of Whisky is a breathtaking and unusual gift book for whisky connoisseurs, celebrating the spirit from an unexpectedly beautiful angle. By chance, award-winning photographer Ernie Button noticed the intricate patterns formed in the residue at the bottoms of (almost) empty whisky glasses—each as different as a snowflake—and began. Home Brands Art of the Spirits Whiskey. Show All 9 24 36 Sidebar Filter Buy Online Quick View. Art of the Spirits Cask Strength Frogman Bourbon. Bespoken Spirits Whiskey Review. June 10, 2022. Reviews. Vintage Distilling Vodka Review. April 25, 2022. Reviews. Glen Moray Sauternes Cask Matured Review. December 17, 2020.

17.9K followers. 4,302 following. Art of the Spirits Distillery. Distillery. Art of the Spirits Distillery showcases world renowned Artists on our award-winning and solely limited edition whiskey releases. 🔮 @thegypsyroomaots. Posts. About AoA. In an industry of undisclosed sourcing and inaccessible vintages, Art of Alchemy (AoA) roots itself in friendship, community, and collaboration. Founded by four friends with a mission to create something that is equal parts experience as it is an exceptional distillate, our expertly crafted blends are designed with intention to.

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In the spirits industry — whiskey in particular — innovation is often a matter of tinkering with the barrel type or char level, or incorporating different grains into a recipe for distillation. Art of the Spirits Whiskey is proud to announce 600 "Easy Elegance" Rye Whiskey bottles are officially SOLD OUT\u0003! We showcase renown Artist, Danial James' oil painting that depicts a scene from the early 1900's that may have happened in the world famous Saloon #10's 1890 bar in Deadwood, South Dakota. Our rye whiskey is made with 95% rye and 5% malted barely and we aged in new.